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What does VHI stand for?


Acronym Definition
VHI Voluntary Health Insurance (Irish health insurance provider)
VHI Virginia Health Information
VHI Veterans Health Initiative
VHI Virtual Heroes, Inc. (est. 2004; gaming)

Who owns VHI?

About VHI. Vhi Healthcare is the largest health insurer in the State and is a State owned enterprise whose members are appointed by the Minister for Health.

Where is VHI based?

Vhi Insurance DAC’s and Vhi Healthcare DAC’s registered office is at Vhi House, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1. Vhi, IDA Business Park, Purcellsinch, Dublin Road, Kilkenny.

What does MCE stand for in medical terms?

The name given to a generic form of health care review in which problems in the quality of the delivery and organization of health care services are addressed and monitored.

What does best stand for medical?


Acronym Definition
BEST Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (international research organization)
BEST Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (Canada)
BEST Boosting Engineering Science and Technology
BEST Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool (US Social Security)

Is VHI Irish?

The Voluntary Health Insurance Board (Irish: An Bord Árachais Sláinte Shaorálaigh) — which trades under the brand name Vhi Healthcare, and is still commonly referred to in Ireland as “The Vhi” – is the largest health insurance company in Ireland.

Is VHI semi state?

The VHI has been one of the quiet success stories of the Irish semi-State sector.

Does Vhi cover A&E?

For A&E services at the private hospitals, Vhi members can claim under the outpatient cover element of their plan. All of Quinn Healthcare’s schemes provide cover for both public and private A&E facilities, including Vhi’s Swiftcare centres, to varying degrees.

Is Covid test covered by Vhi?

If you are unable to depart from Ireland because you test positive for COVID-19 following a test taken on the day of your scheduled departure, which are administered at your departure point ( e.g. airport) you will be covered on your policy. There is no cover if you have a policy that started before 01/09/2021.

Does Vhi cover glasses?

We will pay the benefit listed in Section 9 of your Table of Benefits towards the cost of pre- and post-natal care provided the person giving the care is a General Practitioner, Consultant or Midwife. prescription spectacles and contact lenses in a 24 month period.

Does VHI cover cataract surgery?

Specified Orthopaedic and Specified Orthopaedic and Ophthalmic Procedure is a term that Vhi Healthcare uses to describe a list of specified Ophthalmic Procedures orthopaedic procedures (principally covering hip, knee or shoulder replacements) and ophthalmic procedures (principally covering cataract procedures) carried …

Does VHI cover drugs?

Please Note: A Co-insurance will be applied to the cost of all out-patient prescribed drugs and medicines covered under this Section of the Policy, as stated on Your Table of Benefits. An Excess also applies to this benefit for Level 1 and Level 2, as stated on Your Table of Benefits.

Does VHI cover Ophthalmology?

Cover for medical treatments and surgical procedures, including ophthalmic and orthopaedic procedures in a wide range of public and private hospitals.

Does VHI cover knee surgery?

Vhi Healthcare will now cover 90% of the Hospital charges associated with a number of in- patient procedures such as arthroplasty of hip and replacement of knee joint. Members will no longer be covered in this Hospital. No cover applies for certain investigations and treatments known as Fixed Price Procedures.

Does VHI cover surgery?

Full cover for medical treatments and surgical procedures, including ophthalmic and orthopaedic procedures in all public and private hospitals.

Does VHI cover MRI scans?

Out-Patient MRI Scans

There are two types of out-patient cover available for scans performed in an Approved MRI Centre: Out-patient Direct pay: Vhi Healthcare offers a direct payment facility within our direct pay Hospitals and Centres. This means the Hospital or Centre will send the bill directly to us for assessment.

Are mammograms covered under VHI?

Our Cancer Care Promise

Full cover for mammograms screening in an approved mammogram centre.

Does VHI cover the Beacon Hospital?

Vhi Healthcare Extends Full Cover for Beacon Hospital to 90% of Members.

Does VHI cover pelvic ultrasound?

Ultrasound scans are covered by most health insurance companies like VHI and Irish Life Health. Ultrasound falls under the umbrella of outpatient radiology.

Does VHI cover bone density scan?

✓ 91 days in-patient treatment for alcoholism, drug or other substance abuse in any five-year period. stage in life, to help you identify health risks early: o Full cover for dexa scans in an approved dexa scan centre. o Lifestage screening up to €335 per screen in a Vhi Medical Centre.

Does VHI cover CT scans?

Note (1) Benefit is set at 66% for out-patient PET-CT scans and when the customer is a private in-patient of another hospital covered by their plan.

Does VHI cover doctor visits?

Vhi Online Doctor – full cover for 12 visits available through Vhi App.

Does VHI cover blood tests?

A Vhi Nurse will then take you into a private screening room to carry out the measurements, blood tests, lung function test, vision test and resting ECG.

Does VHI cover wheelchair?

Claiming your wheelchair under VHI insurance is a matter of submitting the appropriate form, a list of which can be easily accessed online13. In order to claim a wheelchair, wheelchair users should submit the appliance claim form14, along with details for each device in use and the original receipts of purchase.