24 April 2022 9:47

What are the duties of the Missouri state auditor?

The state auditor’s office determines if tax dollars are spent efficiently, economically and legally, and how well public funds are protected from potential fraud or abuse. The audits are categorized into five types: state government, performance, petition, county and special county audits.

What is the role of the state auditor?

The auditor is a state-level position in 48 states that supervises and has administrative rights over the accounting and financial functions of the state. Additionally, auditors act as watchdogs over other state agencies, performing internal government audits and investigating fraud allegations.

How do I file a state audit in Missouri?

Anyone can start the process to initiate a petition audit by submitting a Petition Audit Request form to the State Auditor’s Office. The name of the person who submits the initial request is a public record and may be disclosed to interested parties or the media, if requested.

What qualifies you to be an auditor?

To become an auditor, you’ll need at least an undergraduate degree in accounting. Being proficient in the use of databases and spreadsheets can be helpful. Those seeking this profession must also have good communication skills and a deep understanding of economics and finance.

Who audits state governments?

In 24 states, the state auditor or comptroller is a constitutional officer elected by the voters or the state legislature for specified terms of office. In the remaining states, the state auditor or comptroller is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the governor or the relevant state legislature.

Who is Mo Lt Governor?

Mike Kehoe, Lieutenant Governor

The lieutenant governor of the State of Missouri is elected for a four-year term and is subject to re-election with no limit as to number of terms.

How long is a term in the Missouri House?

The House of Representatives consists of 163 members, elected at each general election for two-year terms.

How does the Missouri state attorney general get their job?

The Attorney General serves as the chief legal officer of the State of Missouri as mandated by our Constitution. The Attorney General is elected by Missouri voters, serves a four-year term, and is not subject to constitutional term limits.

What is a petition auditor job?

Residents of a local government can petition the Office of the State Auditor to conduct an audit/examination of the books, records, and accounts of a local government.

When did Nicole Galloway become State Auditor?

Galloway was appointed to the office of State Auditor by Governor Jay Nixon on April 14, 2015, following the death of Tom Schweich in February 2015. She was elected to a full term in the 2018 election.

Where is Galloway Missouri?

Galloway is a neighborhood of southeast Springfield, Missouri, United States. Galloway is located in a stream valley approximately one-half mile north of the U.S. Route 60 and U.S. Route 65 interchange and one mile south of Sequiota Park.

Who are the 8 representatives of Missouri?

U.S. House of Representatives

  • District 1 – Cori Bush.
  • District 2 – Ann Wagner.
  • District 3 – Blaine Luetkemeyer.
  • District 4 – Vicky Hartzler.
  • District 5 – Emanuel Cleaver.
  • District 6 – Sam Graves.
  • District 7 – Billy Long.
  • District 8 – Jason Smith.