24 June 2022 4:37

Selling a property – multiple offers of same value?

How do I present multiple offers to a seller?

Agents, Here Are 4 Tips for Presenting Multiple Offers to a…

  1. Listen to what’s important to your seller. …
  2. Develop a system to help you stay organized. …
  3. Keep the focus on the facts while presenting multiple offers. …
  4. Let your client make the final decision.

Can you send two offers for the same house?

Can you put multiple offers on houses? You can put multiple offers on houses – and it’s a common practice amongst buyers. There is no law against making offers on more multiple houses.

Can sellers lie about multiple offers?

In short, a realtor might lie about having multiple offers. They can exaggerate the level of interest they have in a property to drive the price up. The goal is to close the deal as quickly as possible. But doing so isn’t exactly an ethical practice.

How do you handle multiple offers?

Multiple Offers in Seller’s Markets

  1. Submit a Large Earnest-Money Deposit.
  2. Show the Seller That You’re Qualified.
  3. Give the Sellers Time To Move.
  4. Shorten or Waive Some Contingencies.
  5. Offer To Bridge the Gap Between Appraisal and Sales Price.
  6. Write Your Best Offer.
  7. Sell Your Existing Home First.
  8. Play Nice.

What happens when there are 2 offers on a house?

For instance: If you’re in a seller’s market — meaning that homes are selling quickly and for more than the asking prices — and you received multiple offers, your agent may recommend you counteroffer with an amount higher than you would have in a buyer’s market.

Can I outbid an accepted offer?

You may have heard the saying “buyer’s remorse,” but did you know that there is actually a legal way to back out of an accepted offer? If your Offer Acceptance Clause includes contingencies and earnest money, then it’s perfectly legal for buyers who want their deposit refunded.

What happens when two offers on a house?

When there are multiple offers, the seller typically takes one of three actions: Accepts the most favorable offer. Counters all offers to give everyone a chance to come back with a better bid in an effort to get the best price and terms. Counters the offer closest to the price and terms the seller’s seeking.

How do you juggle multiple offers on a house?


  1. Accept the best offer and reject the others.
  2. Ignite a true “bidding war”—individually shop the best offer around and see if anyone will beat it.
  3. Let all interested parties know that there are multiple offers and invite them to put their best foot forward.
  4. Counter the best offer and reject the rest.

What happens in a multiple offer situation?

“A multiple offer (or multi offer) occurs when more than one prospective buyer makes an offer on the same property by submitting a Contract of Sale. A Multiple offer often happen in a seller’s market when competition for residential property is greatest.

Can you counter two offers at the same time?

Information for Buyers
Sellers can accept the “best” offer; they can inform all potential purchasers that other offers are “on the table”; they can “counter” one offer while putting the other offers to the side awaiting a decision on the counter-offer; or they can “counter” one offer and reject the others.

Can you put an offer on a house that already has an offer?

Key Takeaways. In general, the seller can’t accept another offer once all parties have signed the purchase agreement; however, detailed situations and state laws may vary. There are situations where you might think your offer has been accepted, but it actually hasn’t.

Can I still show my house after accepting an offer?

Once an offer has been made and accepted and a closing date is set, it is pretty late for an agent to be showing a home. At that point, it is usually pretty certain that any deal will go through. However, unless the contract says otherwise, the real estate agent has no legal obligation to stop showing the property.

Can a seller back out of a contract if they get a better offer?

Real estate contracts are legally binding, so sellers can’t back out just because they received a better offer. The main exception is when the contract includes a contingency that allows the seller to terminate the sale.

What to do once an offer is accepted on a house?

Once your offer has been accepted you should immediately inform your lender as they’ll need to ensure that the property’s value is the same amount as the agreed purchase price. They will do this by scheduling a mortgage valuation. If you haven’t finished your mortgage application, do so as soon as possible.

Can you change your mind after accepting an offer on your house?

As a seller, you can always change your mind after accepting an offer on a house, but unfortunately changing your mind doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to back out of the agreement especially if a house purchasing agreement is in place.

Can you be gazumped after offer accepted?

Estate Agents and gazumping
Even after the seller has accepted an offer from one buyer, the estate agent is legally obliged to pass on any offer they receive. If this offer happens to trump the initial accepted offer, then gazumping seems inevitable.

Is an offer on a house legally binding?

Accepting the offer
An accepted offer is not legally binding until contracts are exchanged. This means a buyer can back out of the sale at any point up until contracts are exchanged.

What is a cheeky offer on a house?

So, here it is a cheeky offer refers to any offer you make that is over 10% below the seller’s asking price. As such, it’s subjective, as there’s no fixed percentage.

Is gazumping unethical?

Some buyers are under the impression that gazumping is unlawful; although the government has previously been called upon to make it illegal, the frustrating practice is still allowed in the UK. Ultimately the deal is not legally binding until contracts are exchanged.