27 June 2022 17:45

Is it legal if I transfer money to my retired pensioner father who will create FD (fixed deposit) out of it?

Can I transfer money to my father account?

It is perfectly legal to send money to your parents in India and they will not incur any tax on the transferred amount. However, if they invest this money, then the income they receive will be taxable in their hands.

Can fixed deposit be transferred to another person?

Are fixed deposit accounts transferable? To put it simply, yes. You can transfer your fixed deposit accounts. However, you can only transfer your FD accounts from one branch of a bank to another branch of the same bank.

What happens to FD if person dies?

On the death of all depositors, the nominee gets access to funds. If there is no nomination in place, on the death of one or more depositors, the legal heirs of the deceased and the survivor will get funds. On the death of all depositors, the legal heirs of all the depositors will get the funds.

Can I transfer FD to my son?

The transaction can either be treated as gift or a loan. In case you give this money as gift to him, there will not be any tax implications for you as gift received from specified relatives including parent are tax free in the hands of the recipient.

How much money can we transfer to parents?

There is no restriction on the amount of money you can gift your parents under the Income Tax Laws of India. However, any income earned from such money, if invested by your parents, will be taxable as per the clubbing provisions.

How much money can be legally given to a family member as a gift in 2020?


For 2018, 2019, , the annual exclusion is $15,000. For 2022, the annual exclusion is $16,000.

What is the rule of FD?

The interest earned on Fixed Deposits is fully taxable. It is determined as per your tax slab bracket along with surcharge/cess. For example, if you file an ITR of upto Rs. 10 lakhs, the amount of interest earned by your FD will form a part of your taxable income of Rs.

How much can you deposit in a bank without being noticed?

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks and other financial institutions must report cash deposits greater than $10,000. But since many criminals are aware of that requirement, banks also are supposed to report any suspicious transactions, including deposit patterns below $10,000.

What is the maximum amount for fixed deposit?

The fixed deposit maximum amount limit is only one of the criteria that is important when making your final decision.
Maximum Fixed Deposit Amount in Indian Bank.

Name of Bank Fixed Deposit Maximum Amount Limit
HDFC Bank Rs. 1.5 lakh
Deutsche Bank Rs. 1 lakh
IndusInd Bank Rs. 1.5 lakh

Can I open FD in my mother’s name?

Invest money in your parent’s name
You can open fixed deposits in your parents’ name with this amount. If your parents are in a lower tax slab, then the tax they will pay on the interest on the FD will be less than what you would have had to pay if you had put the same amount as a FD in your own name.

Can I open FD in my wife’s name?

One can even open a Public Provident Fund (PPF) account or buy stocks in the name of spouse or children. This can be done in two ways. One is joint holding, the first holder being the person in whose name you want to invest, or by transferring the amount/asset to the person who will make the investment.

Who can be a nominee in fixed deposit?

The nominee must also be an individual. It is advisable to appoint a nominee as there will be less trouble in transferring the money in an event of the account holder’s death. Only one person can be appointed as the nominee. If you don’t appoint a nominee at the time of investment, you can appoint one on a later date.

Is money received from father taxable?

Gifts from “relatives” are totally tax free irrespective of the amount involved. A father would fall within the definition of “relative” and so, if you receive a gift from your father, the same will not be taxable in your hands as income. You can use the gifted amount as you want.

How do I transfer a large sum of money to a family member?

Tax Form for Gifting Money to Family Members
Report any amount that exceeds the per-person gift of $15,000 on Form 709 and submit it with your annual tax return. Form 709 is due by the filing deadline in the year after you gifted money.

Can I transfer money from my account to my mom’s account?

Using money transfer apps, you can send money to someone else’s bank account using the funds from your bank account, debit card, or credit card. You don’t need to know the recipient’s personal or bank account details to make a transaction.

Can you transfer money from your bank account to another person’s bank account?

Consider a bank-to-bank transfer
This is also a great way to transfer money between your own accounts at different banks. The recipient’s account and routing numbers. Vary by bank, amount and delivery time but it could be free. Varies by bank but can happen immediately or within a few days.

Do banks report transfers between accounts?

When receiving multiple transfers of 10,000 dollars: If a third party transfers an amount of 10,000 dollars or more into your account on more than one occasion in the space 12 months, the bank should report this too.

How much money can I transfer between banks?

You can transfer a minimum of $1 to your bank, or your full balance if it’s under $1. You can transfer up to $10,000 to your bank account or debit card in a single transfer.

What is the best way to transfer a large amount of money?

7 methods to consider when transferring large amounts of money

  1. Automated clearing house (ACH) …
  2. Bank-to-bank. …
  3. Money transfer. …
  4. Cash-to-cash. …
  5. Prepaid debit cards. …
  6. Foreign currency check. …
  7. International money transfer service.

What happens if you transfer more than 10000?

If a person receives multiple payments toward a single transaction or two or more related transactions, the person should file Form 8300 when the total amount paid exceeds $10,000. Each time payments aggregate more than $10,000, the person must file another Form 8300.

How much money can I wire transfer without being flagged?


Banks must report all wire transfers over $10,000 using a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) and submit it to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

How much money can you transfer without raising suspicion?

The $10,000 Rule
The Rule, as created by the Bank Secrecy Act, declares that any individual or business receiving more than $10 000 in a single or multiple cash transactions is legally obligated to report this to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).