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How to in stock in spanish

What is ke pasa?

A Spanish phrase meaning what is happening?, often used as a greeting.

How do you say stock photos in Spanish?

Estoy de acuerdo. Gracias para la ayuda.
Spanish translation: banco de imágenes.

English term or phrase: Stock Photo
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What does tengo sueno means?

I’m sleepy

I’m sleepy. I’m sleepy. I’m sleepy. Millions translate with DeepL every day.

What does inventory mean in Spanish?

inventario m

[ˈɪnvəntrɪ ] inventario m. to draw up an inventory of sth hacer un inventario de algo.

What does Olivia mean in Spanish?


Spanish Baby Names Meaning:
In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Olivia is: Olive.

How do you answer Que Pasa?

A cutesy way of answering ¿Qué pasa? is Nada, nada, limonada. (Literally, Nothing, nothing, lemonade.)

What is the difference between Que Paso and Que Pasa?

“¿Qué pasa?” is present tense same as “what is going on?” while “¿qué pasó?” is past tense and translates as “what happened?”

What is the reply for Hola?

If in passing someone says “hola!” to you, it would acceptable to reply: “como estas?” Bonito. Pronounced: bone-eat-oh. This word means “beautiful.” It could simply be used anytime you see something that you like.

What is Igualmente?

equally ADVERB

British English: equally ADVERB /ˈiːkwəlɪ/ Equally means in sections, amounts, or spaces that are the same size as each other.

What is the difference between de Nada and por nada?

De nada is usually used as a polite answer after Gracias. On the other side Por nada is used when you were working on something and you didn’t have a result, so you were working for nothing. In my opinion, Por nada would be then impolite answer after Gracias! Por nada = For nothing.

How do you reply to Hermosa?

3 Answers. ¡Perfecto! Definitely! Or Hola Hermoso tambien es correcto.

What is Y tú?

1. ( informal) (second person singular) and you.

What does Hola Guapo mean?

“hola guapo” means hi/hello handsome, and yes it can be guapa as well.