17 April 2022 1:27

How much does 21st century scholars cover?

What does the 21st Century Scholarship cover? At in-state, public two-year and four-year colleges, your award covers up to 100 percent of tuition and some regularly assessed fees such as technology, student-activity and health-services fees.

What does 21st Century Scholars cover at IU?

The 21st Century Scholarship will cover the costs of tuition and mandatory fees. For eligible students who have unmet financial need after other scholarships or grants are applied, the Covenant will provide additional funding to assist with budgeted room and board, books, and supplies.

What does 21st Century Scholars pay for at Ball State?

Started in 1990, the 21st Century Scholars program offers income-eligible Hoosiers up to four years of paid tuition at a participating Indiana college or university after graduating from high school.

What does 21st Century Scholars cover at Ivy Tech?

As a 21st Century Scholar, your scholarship covers 100% of the cost of 30 credit hours per academic year! Why Ivy Tech? Affordable – Your award does not cover the cost of housing. So make your college experience even MORE affordable by taking classes while living at home.

What does 21st Century Scholars not cover at Iupui?

The IUB 21st Century Scholarship does NOT cover: placement tests. IUB summer tuition and mandatory fee. on-campus room/board.

How much is the Frank O’Bannon grant?

Amount. The amount varies from $950-$4,500 based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the FAFSA.

Does Purdue accept 21st Century Scholars?

Are you a 21st Century Scholar? At Purdue, it’s more than a scholarship. Purdue’s ScholarCorps Support Program offers resources tailored specifically to 21st Century Scholars award recipients to aid their success.

What expenses does 21st century scholars not cover at Ball State?

At Ball State your 21st Century Scholarship will not cover: Rooming Costs. Meal Plan Costs. Book Costs.

Does 21st century scholars cover out of state?

Yes. Other state financial aid can be used with the 21st Century Scholarship.

What are the 7 pledge requirements for the 21st Century Scholarship?

When students enroll in seventh or eighth grade, they pledge to graduate with an Indiana High School Diploma from a state-accredited high school; participate in the Scholar Success Program that helps them plan, prepare and pay for college success; achieve a cumulative high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least …

What is Purdue promise?

What is Purdue Promise? Hey there! If you’re a 21st Century Scholar with a total family income of less than $50,000 per year, then you may qualify for Purdue Promise. It’s a program to help Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars graduate in four years with little to no debt.

How do you know if your a 21st Century Scholar?

A: In order to earn the 21st Century Scholarship, a student must graduate with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, earn a Core 40 diploma or higher, and complete the Scholar Success program, including filing the FAFSA on time.

When did 21st Century Scholars?


In 2020, the IU 21st Century Scholars Program will celebrate its 30th anniversary since its founding in 1990, aligning with IU Bicentennial celebration.

What Indiana program will pay for 100% of your tuition if you qualify?


The Next Level Jobs Workforce Ready Grant pays the tuition and mandatory fees for eligible high-value certificate programs at Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University, Indiana Institute of Technology, or other approved providers.