23 April 2022 7:12

How do I test my ATM machine?

How do you test ATM machine?

Test Cases for ATM:

  1. Verify the ‘ATM Card Insertion Slot’ is as per the specification.
  2. Verify the ATM machine accepts card and PIN details.
  3. Verify the error message by inserting a card incorrectly.
  4. Verify the error message by inserting an invalid card (Expired Card)
  5. Verify the error message by entering an incorrect PIN.

What is test case of ATM machine?

ATM machines must be tested for accuracy, reliability, and performance. It should get tested for its response time per transaction as it works for 24*7.

What to do when the ATM is not working?

It is time to get them replaced for free. You can get free EMV chip-based Debit card by visiting your home branch. You can also make a request for the new card through internet banking.

How do you check whether the ATM card is blocked or not?

How to know if your ATM card is blocked? When your card is blocked, you cannot make online payments as it will get declined. Also, the card will not be read by the card reader at the ATM or it will not accept the PIN or decline the transaction again.

What is test case in software testing with example?

A test case is exactly what it sounds like: a test scenario measuring functionality across a set of actions or conditions to verify the expected result. They apply to any software application, can use manual testing or an automated test, and can make use of test case management tools.

How do you test a water bottle?

Verify that bottle doesn’t leak when tilted or placed upside down. Verify that the lid of the bottle is firmly tightened with a bottle. Check the bottle’s condition with liquid of different temperatures. Check bottle’s condition with different liquids – water, tea, etc.

How do I create a test case in Excel?

Follow the below steps to write the test cases.

  1. Step #1 – Test Case ID: Each test case should be represented by a unique ID. …
  2. Step #2 – Test Case Description: …
  3. Step #3 – Pre-Conditions: …
  4. Step #4 – Test Steps: …
  5. Step #5 – Test Data: …
  6. Step #6 – Expected Result: …
  7. Step #7 – Post Condition: …
  8. Step #8 – Actual Result:

How do you test a pen interview question?

Functional Test Scenarios for Pen

  1. Verify the type of pen, whether it is a ballpoint pen, ink pen, or gel pen.
  2. Verify that the user is able to write clearly over different types of papers.
  3. Check the weight of the pen. …
  4. Verify if the pen is with a cap or without a cap.
  5. Verify the color of the ink of the pen.

How do I write a test scenario for a login page?

Functional Test Scenarios of Login Page

  1. Verify that cursor is focused on the “Username” text box on the page load (login page)
  2. Verify that tab functionality is working properly or not.
  3. Verify that Enter/Tab key works as a substitute for the Sign-in button.
  4. Verify that the User is able to Login with Valid Credentials.

How long does it take to unblock ATM card?

All you have to do is to submit identity proofs along with the application so that the bank can take further procedures to unblock the ATM card. It will take 48 hours to five working days to unblock the card in such a case.

Why is my ATM blocked?

Replace expired ATM Card: If ATM card has expired, it will be blocked. The cardholder can ask the bank to renew it and provide a new one as well.

How do I activate my ATM card?

You can perform an ATM card activation by:

  1. Opening the envelope sent by the bank. It has your four-digit PIN and debit card.
  2. Insert the debit card in the ATM.
  3. Input the debit card number and the ATM pin provided by the bank.
  4. Create a new ATM pin.
  5. Follow the directions on the machine to enter your new ATM pin.

Can I activate my ATM card online?

You need to login to the respective bank’s internet banking portal. Once you log in, go to the section marked as ‘Debit Card’. There will be instructions on how to generate an ATM PIN for your Debit Card. Generate an ATM PIN by following those instructions and your Debit Card will be activated online.

How do I know my ATM PIN number?

If you are at the ATM and realise “I forgot my ATM Card PIN number” after putting your card inside the machine, do not worry. Choose Forgot PIN or Regenerate ATM PIN option on the menu. You would be redirected to a screen to enter your registered mobile number, which triggers an OTP to that number.

How can I activate my ATM card online?

Generate new ATM Pin for Debit/Credit Card Online

  1. Visit the official website of your bank.
  2. Select the ‘First-time user register now’ option.
  3. Click Debit/ Credit Card from the Account Information drop-down menu option.
  4. Validate your card by using the OTP sent on your registered mobile number.
  5. Choose User ID.

How do I activate my ATM card on my phone?

Use your bank’s mobile app to quickly activate the card yourself. If you use a mobile app for banking, open the app and log in to your account. Simply search for the option marked “debit card activation” and follow the instructions to quickly activate your card.

How can I check my SBI ATM card status?

Step 1: Visit Track Consignment – India Post Website (https://www.indiapost.gov.in/_layouts/15/dop.portal.tracking/trackconsignment.aspx) the Official SBI ATM Card Status website. Step 2: Now enter the consignment number received via SMS.

How do I know if my SBI Debit Card is active?

Step 1: Login to www.onlinesbi.com with your username and password. Step 2: Select “ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card” link under the “e-Services” tab. Step 3: Select the Account, under which you want to block your ATM cum Debit Card. Step 4: All the Active and blocked cards will be displayed.

How can I activate my SBI ATM card?

Here is how to activate an SBI ATM Card online:

  1. Visit www.onlinesbi.com.
  2. Login to SBI net banking portal by providing the username and password details.
  3. Select ‘e-Services and click on the ‘ATM card services’ option.
  4. A new page will appear, click on ‘New ATM Card Activation’.

How can I activate ATM by SMS?

SMS PIN<space>CCCC<space>AAAA to 567676 from your registered mobile number. Here, CCCC= the last four digits of the Debit Card and AAAA= the last four digits of the account number.

How can I renew my SBI ATM card?

Steps to file for the reissue of the card via mobile app:

  1. Step 1: Log in to the sbi card mobile app.
  2. Step 2: Go to the menu button.
  3. Step3: Click on the service request option.
  4. Step 4: Click on the reissue-replace card option.
  5. Step 5: Select the card number.
  6. Step 6: Click on the submit button.

How can I activate SBI card by SMS?

By far the simplest and easiest way to activate your SBI Debit Card is through SMS.

  1. From your registered mobile number, SMS PIN*space>CCCC*space>AAAA to 567676. …
  2. You will receive a text message from SBI with an OTP if the last four digits of the debit card and the last four digits of the account number match.

How can I activate SBI ATM using Yono app?

How to activate your new ATM card using SBI YONO app:

  1. Open and log in to SBI YONO Application.
  2. Now tap more on the top left and select Service request.
  3. Then tap on ATM/Debit card Services.
  4. Enter your profile password if you registered through net banking and tap on ATM/Debit Card Activation.