1 April 2022 6:40

Does Regions Bank have safety deposit boxes?

A Regions Bank safe deposit box offers you a convenient way to secure and protect vital family documents, heirlooms, and a safe place to keep the items that you simply cannot afford to lose.

How much is a bank of America safe deposit box?

Annual cost of safe deposit boxes by bank and size

3″ x 5″ 3″ x 10″
Bank of America $75 $150
Chase $50 $90
Wells Fargo $80 $125
US Bank $63 $112

Can I access my safe deposit box at bank of America?

To make an appointment to access your safe deposit box during regular business hours, you can email the bank at [email protected] and include your full name, address and phone number in the email. You can check in on the status of a location by clicking here or view the list below.

Is it safe to put money in a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is not a deposit account. It is storage space provided by the bank, so the contents, including cash, checks or other valuables, are not insured by FDIC deposit insurance if damaged or stolen. Also, financial institutions generally do not insure the contents of safe deposit boxes.