27 June 2022 4:42

Discrepancy in W2 form’s state tax (resident of one state; worked in another state)

Should I file an income tax return if I live in another state but worked in Illinois?

Should I file an income tax return if I live in Illinois but work in another state? Yes. As an Illinois resident you are subject to tax on all income no matter where it is earned.

Why are my state wages and local wages different?

Usually, the difference relates to what wage amounts are taxable in each case. In certain States, items that can be excluded from federal wages (for instance contributions to some types of retirement accounts) are not deducted from state salaries.

How does income tax work if you live in one state and work in another?

If you’re required to file multiple state tax returns because you live in one state and work in another, does that mean you’ll pay taxes two separate times on the same income? No. After you fill out a state tax return for the state where you work, you’ll file a second tax return for the state where you reside.

Can I be taxed on the same income in two states?

Federal law prevents two states from being able to tax the same income. If the states do not have reciprocity, then you’ll typically get a credit for the taxes withheld by your work state.

How do I file my taxes if I lived in 2 different states?

If You Lived in Two States
You’ll have to file two part-year state tax returns if you moved across state lines during the tax year. One return will go to your former state. One will go to your new state. You’d divide your income and deductions between the two returns in this case.

How do I avoid paying taxes in two states?

If the state you work in does not have a reciprocal agreement with your home state, you’ll have to file a resident tax return and a nonresident tax return. On your resident tax return (for your home state), you list all sources of income, including that which you earned out-of-state.

Do you pay income tax based on where you live or work?

The easy rule is that you must pay non-resident income taxes for the state in which you work and resident income taxes for the state in which you live, while filing income tax returns for both states.

What is the 183 day rule?

Understanding the 183-Day Rule
Generally, this means that if you spent 183 days or more in the country during a given year, you are considered a tax resident for that year. Each nation subject to the 183-day rule has its own criteria for considering someone a tax resident.

Do I need to file taxes in two states?

The general rule of thumb is that you need to file taxes where you earned the money. That means you need to file a nonresident state return in the state where you worked. If you have non-work income (such as interest, income from side hustling, etc.), you’ll declare that in the state where you live.

Why do I have two states on my W-2?

W-2 includes 2 states; one where state income tax was deducted and other state where no state income tax was deducted. Do I need to file state tax returns in both states? You may have to file in both states. You will file in your state of residence unless your state does not have income tax.

How do I report w/2 from multiple states?

Making Sense of the W-2
In Box 16 most states report the amount of wage that was earned in that state. So if you had state withholding in more than one state, you would see the first state listed in box 15 followed by the wage earned in that state in Box 16.

How long does an employer have to correct a W-2?

Employers are required to correct errors on Forms W-2 as quickly as possible. The penalty for filing an incorrect W-2 with the SSA increases over time. To avoid penalties, a Form W-2c is generally required within 30 days of becoming aware of an error.

Can I file my taxes with incorrect W-2?

You can file your tax return reporting what you think is the correct amount of wages and withholding using Form 4852, the “Substitute for Form W-2,” and the IRS will advise you of this option when you reach out to them. You’ll have to reference your pay stubs if you use this form.

When should w/2 be corrected?

When do you need a corrected W-2 form? You need to create an amended W-2 form if you make an error on Form W-2, such as including incorrect names, Social Security numbers, or amounts. Employers can make Form W-2 corrections on forms sent to employees as well as forms filed with the SSA.