27 June 2022 3:57

Can I retroactively contribute to an RRSP for a previous tax year?

Yes. Many people forget they can contribute even without current earned income (for example, after retiring). If you have unused RRSP contribution room from past years and funds available, contributing to your own or your spouse’s RRSP is allowed up until the end of the year the planholder turns age 71.

Can I carry forward RRSP contributions to future years?

Unused contribution room can be carried forward to use in any future year. However, you cannot contribute to an RRSP for a person (yourself or your spouse) who already turned age 71 in the previous year.

Can undeducted RRSP contributions be carried forward?

Carrying Forward Unused Contribution Room and Undeducted Contributions. Any unused contribution room will be carried forward to the next years. Similarly, any undeducted contributions will be carried forward too.
Feb 13, 2022

Can you claim unclaimed RRSP contributions from previous years?

You can claim your unused RRSP/PRPP contributions in a future year to lower your taxes for that year. Note: If you made RRSP/PRPP contributions in a previous year but didn’t report them on that year’s return, you’ll need to adjust that year’s return to deduct these contributions from your income.