23 June 2022 22:10

Be a partner, CTO or just a freelancer?

How much equity do you need for a CTO?

CTOs want a tech salary and a fair amount of equity. Co-founders—be ready to part with a sizable amount of equity (up to 50%).

Can CTO be founder?

Generally, CTO is needed in IT-related companies or companies working with the software. A technical co-founder or a technical partner is generally a developer or just a tech-savvy person who is hired by a startup owner to become a technical partner. That means he is not an actual founder, he is an employee.

Do I need a technical co-founder?

You need someone or people with programming skills, but you don’t need co-founders. In fact, many startups built by strong teams failed because of co-founder disagreements and misalignment of interests. Finding a technical co-founder doesn’t necessarily solve the “who’s going to build the product” problem.

Do you need a CTO?

Definitely not. As a member of the C-level executive team, a CTO is a high-level management role. They have a strong understanding of the business, are closely aligned with the company vision, and offer strategic guidance on how to utilize technology to achieve short and long-term organizational goals.

How much equity do you need for CTO or VP Engineering?

The VP of Engineering is often an executive leadership position, and generally reports either to the CEO (70% of the time) or CTO (30% of the time).

Is CTO higher than CIO?

But in most cases, it’s the CIO who oversees internal IT and its strategic value to the business, while the CTO stays on top of emerging technologies and creates policies and procedures that leverage technology to improve products and services delivered to customers.

Can CTO earn more than CEO?

Most large companies pay the CEO, COO, and CFO an order of magnitude more than the CTO or CIO. Literally, the CTO would make 10% of the total compensation of the CEO.

Should startups have CTO?

Without the CTO, or at least someone with the right tech skills, many startups would have no way to build or expand their core products and services. A startup CTO acts as the company’s go-to person for any major technical questions, which makes this person’s presence (or absence) especially crucial.

Is CEO more important than CTO?

Hierarchy. The CEO is at the highest position in a company. They head C-level members such as the COO, CTO, CFO, etc. They also rank higher than the vice president and many times, the Managing Director.

How long does IT take to hire a CTO?

Remember, hiring a CTO is not a quick fix, it’s a long-term strategy that will require an average of 90 to 120 days of the hiring process and even longer to on-board a hire. If your company is in the position to hire an executive-level technologist, chances are you have ample budget for doing so.

How do I hire a CTO for a startup?

The best time to hire a CTO varies. Some companies need a chief technical officer from the outset, others only need one much later. The right time to bring on a CTO is when it’s technically and economically justified. Each stage a startup goes through brings its own specific needs and challenges.

Does Google have a CTO?

Will Grannis, Leader Google CTO Office. Will is the founder and director of Google Cloud’s first Office of the CTO (OCTO) team. He has a passion for developing leaders and technologies that make the impossible, possible.

How much does a startup CTO make?

Average Annual Salary by Experience
Co Founder & CTO salary in India with less than 10 year of experience to 22 years ranges from ₹ 20.4 Lakhs to ₹ 97.6 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 49.0 Lakhs based on 16 salaries.

Does CTO have to be an engineer?

They don’t have to be the best engineer or, in fact, any kind of engineer. However, they do have to have the necessary skills to communicate complicated technical goals to non-technical people and make them enthusiastic about the possibilities it can offer.

Should product manager report to CTO?

Head of Product Management: effectively takes over the product from the CTO and sets the product management process. The product manager needs to OWN the product. Therefore, the CTO needs to let go of the baby to the product manager. And the product manager must not report to the CTO!

Is CTO higher than product manager?

The CTO is responsible for overseeing enterprise architecture, ensuring that the company’s IT infrastructure supports the business and product goals. The product manager does not always manage people directly.

Who typically reports to the CTO?


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role is one of the most after-sought careers in the IT industry. CTO is an executive level position in a company who usually reports to a CIO or CEO. Most larger corporations need two technology executives, CIO, and CTO, while smaller companies have one of these two roles.

Can a product manager become a CTO?

No. The role of CTO is a managerial one. The CTO stands as the key interface between the technology that runs the business and the operations of the business.

What background should a CTO have?

After spending some time working in the technology field, IT professionals with the ultimate goal of becoming a CTO should consider pursuing a master’s degree. A CTO needs to have the technological expertise and a keen business sense to be successful in a leadership role.

Is the CTO in charge of the product?

It’s often been said that the CTO is responsible for the “how” of the product and the product head for the “what” and “why.” This reinforces the question of why the CTO and CPO should be separate positions. In the era of digital transformation, it’s often more effective to have a single executive with a dual focus.

Is a CTO an officer of a company?

A chief technology officer (CTO) is the highest technology executive position within a company and leads the technology or engineering department. They develop policies and procedures and use technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers.

Is VP higher than CTO?

A CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is the highest technology executive position within a company. The CTO oversees all overarching technology infrastructure while reporting directly to the CEO. The VP of Engineering, however, primarily deals with the management of development teams and preparing and optimizing budgets.

Who is the boss of CTO?

Initially, the CIO took on the CTO’s responsibilities, but advances in information technology necessitated creating a separate position in modern business. The CTO is now the highest-ranking technology executive and reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO), the head of the company.